Tuesday, May 21, 2013

so,as usual i prefer to conclude my story with pictures . i do love taking pictures with my nongoi2 :)

okay , firstly im done with PASUM(Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya) , and now im an successful entrepeneur, k joking ..penggangur berjaya actually , heehee

this is us :) datins :) seronok sgt habis exam

i"ve joined UM's seru soft skills for a month after  PASUM 

TADA ! ive cut my hair sebab putus cinta mungkin? hehe, ya memang koi dgn anak aziz dah tiada apa2 , kerana? haa, personal lah kan.

bye Ahmad Azali Aizat Mohamed Aziz :') agak2 ada lagi ke sticker domo sy tu kt deck awak? gelang sy kt tgn awk tu pun dah takde kan skrg :') hm , kalau ada jodoh jumpe lagi. thanks for everything and make sure be careful playing with ure deck

ni die , pamee and yah , ni when i join gegey fest..pamee semangat  moshing..haha, i just buy  some clothes and tengok2 budak gig je , geleng kepala sikit, cheh! haha, but their songs um , nice la. layan!

now , duduk rumah buat perkara lagha je and trying to move on even though its too hard man! ya, everyday every night cry and cry :') but i"ve got my friends at my back . they help me a lot.  so , some advice from me is friends is forever , dont ever ever ever put ure love first okay , they might left u :)

so now im a fat widow and im colouring my day with nongoi2 activities with my friends

pretend everything was fine and SMILE :)

goodbye peeps !
apa apa hal bbm k. haha

p palang s : al-fatihah to arwah Omar Hamzah and Hilal , my friends when i was in PASUM :"( they had passed away yesterday at 20 May 2013 caused by accident.